Pre diabetes diet - Diet plans for diabetics

Pre diabetes diet

When first diagnosed with pre -diabetes , may require changes in eating habits and lifestyle , such as improving health through healthy food choices and increase physical activity . The goal is not to completely eliminate all carbohydrates instead of improving the quality of carbohydrates. " Pre diabetes diet "

Typically , a dietitian or certified diabetes educator sat down with a client recently diagnosed with pre -diabetes would calculate how many grams of carbohydrates a person need in a day ( because carbohydrates are needed for energy ) . Pre diabetes diet .

How does it work ?

The next step would be to distribute the carbohydrates evenly throughout the day to help keep blood sugar stabilized .

For example, say a dietitian calculates the customer needs 225 g of carbohydrates per day ( calculation is based on a percentage of total caloric needs , your carbohydrate needs may be higher or lower ) .

" Pre diabetes diet " To distribute : First decide how many meals and snacks eaten throughout the day. We will use 3 meals and 2 snacks for this example. This is useful for a better glycemic control , generally , as it allows a person to eat frequent small meals with a constant amount of carbohydrates during the day. Pre diabetes diet .

The more consistent you can be with your carbohydrate intake , the happier it will make your pancreas ( which is the agency that is supposed to produce insulin when ingested carbohydrates) . Now for the math: one option would give a greater amount of carbohydrates 3 ​​meals ( 60 g each) and a smaller amount for two snacks ( snacks and other snack 25g 20g ) . You can also evenly distribute 225 g for 5 small meals each, which would give 45 g each session. A dietitian can help you determine the best option and meal plan for you. " Pre diabetes diet "

" Pre diabetes diet " Carbohydrate type : The quality of carbohydrates can make a difference. That is, there are sources of carbohydrates that contain vitamins / nutrients and fiber ( like brown rice , sweet potatoes ) and are not sources of carbohydrates that can be empty calories ( such as candy, cakes ) .

 " Pre diabetes diet " If these two sources are digested and converted into glucose and insulin waiting to move the blood and into the cells. However, good health depends on what you put in your body , so why not try maximum health benefits and go to sources with vitamins / nutrients and fiber. In other words , do more for your money . " Pre diabetes diet "

Now that you have been diagnosed with pre -diabetes , you have the opportunity to learn to control levels of blood sugar , putting it in a certain range ( work with your doctor to find out what your range is ) . The closer you get to the range , the greater your risk may develop diabetes and / or health problems associated with long-term diabetes . " Pre diabetes diet "

I wish you health and happiness. Remember that this count and distribution of carbohydrates that can seem overwhelming at first, but stick with it and it will make sense over time ." Pre diabetes diet "


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