Signs diabetes - 6 Guaranteed Tips to Stay Away From Signs of Diabetes

Signs Diabetes : Alzheimer 's disease has been associated with type 2 diabetes, but recent research shows people who have signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's and ' s that type 2 diabetes may have a different state. Researchers at the Medical University of Tokyo in Japan have seen images of the brain of individuals with signs and symptoms of Alzheimer 's disease and found different characteristics of people with and without diabetes. signs diabetes .

" Type 2 Diabetes " Their study, published in April 2013 in the journal Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, included 175 participants with a diagnosis of Alzheimer 's disease and type 2 diabetes. Brain scans were reviewed and compared with the signs and symptoms of the various participants. Diabetics with :

    the highest levels of glucose,
    poor control of diabetes and
    Longer diabetes

Did not contain the pattern of brain injury in other patients." signs diabetes " They also showed a slower progression of dementia and less difficulty remembering words , but more attention difficulties .
Signs diabetes : From this information it was concluded that diabetics in the group of poorly controlled diabetes may suffer the effects of blood sugar and blood is not controlled in the brain rather than actual Alzheimer 's dementia . ( signs diabetes )

The actual cause of Alzheimer 's disease are not known. For now there is no definitive test for the diagnosis of the disease in living people . " signs diabetes " Type 2 diabetes is thought to be a cause of the disease , but it is also possible uncontrolled diabetes causes only the same signs and symptoms.

If high blood pressure and other abnormal body chemistry goes hand in hand with a high level of sugar is sugar that cause the same signs and symptoms of Alzheimer 's disease , can keep type 2 diabetes under control may prevent the signs and symptoms appear ." signs diabetes "

Signs diabetes : If, on the other hand, the high levels of blood sugar , in fact, contribute to Alzheimer's disease and to maintain good control of diabetes could be expected to help prevent the development of dementia. Anyway, control levels of blood sugar and prevent or control type 2 diabetes may be useful in the prevention of dementia.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends that evidence of diabetes in people over 45 years. Persons under 45 must be tested if they are at high risk. People at high risk include:(
signs diabetes )

    Obesity ,
    people with a parent with type 2 diabetes,
    those with a history of gestational diabetes,
    Anyone with high blood pressure or cholesterol, or
    exercising less than three times a week .

Members of the following ethnic groups should be tested :

    African American ,
    Indian ,
    Asian American ,
    Pacific Islands, or
    Hispanic American / Latino heritage.

Talk to your doctor if you have any of the risk factors above.

Signs diabetes : Not a secret people with type 2 diabetes have a significantly increased risk of Alzheimer 's disease by up to 65 percent. Type 2 diabetes is a condition that you just have to live. You can take control of the disease and regain their health. [ signs diabetes ]


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